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The spirit of Balinese culture

Balinese people are known for their warm hospitality, strong sense of community, and devotion to their rituals and ceremonies. The island's vibrant festivals, traditional dances, and intricate art forms reflect the essence of the Balinese spirit.


Basic yoga can vary depending on the instructor's style and approach. Each instructor may focus on different poses, breathing techniques, and levels of difficulty. It's essential to find an instructor who aligns with your preferences and skill level for a fulfilling yoga experience.

Morning Walk Sebatu Rice paddies

Commence the trek through the rice paddies, pausing at the Ulun Carik Temple for insights and explanations. Proceed along the rice paddies, taking breaks at scenic spots for an overview of Balinese culture, the Balinese Subak Organization, and ceremonial practices. Halt at another temple for further explanations before resuming the journey through the rice paddies.

Explore Gunung Kawi Temple

Discover the magnificence of Gunung Kawi Temple. Take a stroll around to explore the temple grounds, gain insights into its historical significance, and experience the chance to enter the bathing area for a cleansing ritual.

Trekking Sebatu Jungle

Commence the trek towards Banjar Jasan, passing through a brief walk in a bamboo forest. Reach the rest point of Jasan Waterfall, where you'll receive an explanation about Balinese fruit plants while soaking in the breathtaking views of rice terraces and the lush jungle. Descend to the waterfall by traversing a bamboo forest, a small rice field, and following a gentle river. Ascend back to the rest point, where you'll be treated to an insightful explanation of the waterfall's story.

Balinese Dance

A traditional and expressive form of dance that originates from the Indonesian island of Bali. It is characterized by intricate hand and finger movements, vibrant costumes, and rhythmic music. The dance often tells stories from Balinese mythology, religion, or daily life, and it holds cultural and spiritual significance in Balinese society.

Metanding: Making Offering

In Balinese culture, metanding is an activity that involves the arrangement of various offering materials to create a unified and integral set of offerings known as "banten". These offerings are then presented during religious ceremonies, temple visits, or other sacred occasions to express reverence and seek blessings from the deities and ancestral spirits.


Balinese Boreh is a traditional remedy that dates back centuries and originated among rice farmers. It consists of a mix of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, rice powder, and other spices, forming an aromatic paste. Farmers would apply Boreh to their head and abdomen after a day of working in the rice fields, stimulating blood circulation and soothing tired muscles. This practice reflects the Balinese culture's emphasis on natural remedies for well-being and rejuvenation.

Aksara Bali

Aksara Bali refers to the traditional script used for writing the Balinese language. It is a unique and intricate writing system with its own set of characters and symbols, traditionally inscribed on palm leaves or used in religious texts, inscriptions, and other cultural contexts.

Wedang Semeng

Wedang is a Javanese term meaning 'hot drink,' and "Jahe" means 'ginger.' These beverages have historical significance in some Indonesian regions, and they are commonly made by infusing ginger and other herbs or spices in hot water, providing a comforting and warming experience.

Metanding: Making Ketupat

"Metanding Ketupat" is a traditional Balinese dance performance that embodies the rhythmic and coordinated movements of rice farmers as they pound rice grains inside woven coconut leaf containers, called "ketupat”.


Savoring the serenity of a Sundowner at Cicada Ubud, where time pauses in the melody of cicadas. Sipping on a delightful cocktail, relish the symphony of flavors, anticipating the breathtaking embrace of the sun as it paints the sky in hues of warmth

Afternoon Tea

Unwind with a leisurely afternoon tea experience at Verdant Lounge and Bar, where you can enjoy a collection of nine premium tea selections accompanied by an assortment of delectable cake bites

Serenade of Sips and Snacks

An exquisite symphony for the taste buds, where every sip and bite dance in perfect harmony.

Located in Sebatu Village, in the Tegalalang district of Bali, Indonesia