When serenity meet the nature of Bali

Nurturing harmony amidst nature's splendour

When serenity meet the nature of Bali

Nurturing harmony amidst nature's splendour

When serenity meet the nature of Bali

Nurturing harmony amidst nature's splendour

Cicada Luxury Resort - Ubud

Escape to a luxurious eco-conscious haven nestled in the enchanting northern region of Ubud. Situated along the main road and just minutes away from the iconic Tegalalang rice terraces, our resort offers a captivating rainforest and river valley views.

Indulge in the legend of our sacred spring water and be amazed by our 20 suites and 10 villas, each with breathtaking jungle view. Rejuvenate at the spa, dive into the infinity pool, savor world-class dining, and enjoy our spacious open venues.

Rediscover luxury. Rediscover nature. Rediscover yourself. Your Sanctuary destination journey Awaits.

Cicada Luxury Resort Ubud

Suites & Villas

Embracing each and every moment during your vacation

Dine - Cicada Luxury Resort Ubud

Dine & Lounge

Dive into a world of exquisite flavors where global culinary influences merge harmoniously with traditional techniques. Indulge in the artful fusion of diverse tastes, as our restaurant offers a tantalizing array of grilled specialties alongside an explosion of spices and flavors. Experience pure satisfaction tailored to your unique cravings.

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Experience - Cicada Luxury Resort Ubud


We are here to guide you to discover awe-inspiring landscapes and unravel the captivating Balinese culture. Exploring the hidden gems and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Balinese traditions. Step beyond an unforgettable journey of scenic wonders and cultural revelations. Unveil the true essence of Bali.

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Our utmost priority is to ensure that every moment of your stay is filled with joy and lasting memories. Discover and relish in the wonders is await.

Spa - Cicada Luxury Resort Ubud

Spa & Wellness

Escape to our heavenly Spa for an extraordinary experience that promises pure bliss in a breathtaking environment. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul in an oasis of relaxation. Treat yourself to an unforgettable moment in pure tranquillity.

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Intimate Hideaway

Discover our eco luxury resort, where traditional and modern architecture intertwine seamlessly amidst the blissful jungle views. Engage in the vibrant activities and rejuvenate your mind with our curated experiences across the entire hotel.

Located in Sebatu Village, in the Tegalalang district of Bali, Indonesia

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